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2012-01-02 03:40 pm
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Happy 2012!

Happy 2012, everyone!
It's been a busy(-ish) couple of weeks since I last posted.
• We moved into a new house.
• Successfully survived my first ever semester as a college student!
• I made it onto Dean's List. Though, the courses I took this semester were pretty easy, so I feel that this wasn't that great of an accomplishment.
• ....okay, I guess this past month wasn't all that busy. xD The whole moving and getting settled in sure made it feel busy.

I started off the year with shopping!

These are my purchases from the mall yesterday. 1x skirt, 1x denim shorts, 2x blouses, and 1x sweater. After that, I intended to purchase some more yarn, but the craft store was closed! Instead, I went shoe shopping around that plaza. :3

I bought these boots. They were originally around $60, but after the 30% discount and -$30 coupon, I was able to purchase them for ~$13. :D